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Publishing Your First Episode

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Welcome to Podcast Websites, the all-in-one WordPress service just for podcasters. In this audio post, Mark from Podcast Websites walks you through how to set up your first podcast episode.

Important note: be sure to delete this episode before publishing your feed to iTunes.

Your website is pre-configured with a specific section for podcasting. Anything published into this category that has an audio file attached to it will appear in the feed that you can submit to iTunes, Stitcher etc.

You can quickly add a new podcast episode by:

  • clicking the “Publish a new episode” link within your website dashboard; or by
  • hovering over “Podcasting” on the left hand side of your dashboard
    • and then clicking “Create Episode”

For each episode you add, you will be asked to add:

  • The episode title
  • Your show notes
  • Your media file (this will be slightly different depending on whether or not you are using our integrated podcast hosting)
  • A featured image for when the episode appears on your website (note: this will appear on the website only)

Before you upload your audio file you should ensure:

  1. You have mixed the episode as appropriate
  2. You have tagged your episode with the relevant information using a program such as ID3 Tag Editor

How to use this sample resource

  1. Set up your podcast show by following the initial set up wizard on your dashboard when you first log in to your website
  2. Listen to the audio file
  3. “Edit” this episode by navigating to
    • Your website administration area
    • Clicking “Podcasting” on the left hand side
    • Clicking the title of this audio episode
  4. Look through how the episode is configured, pay particular attention to:
    • The episode title
    • The episode show notes
    • The mp3 audio file
    • The ‘featured’ image [optional]
    • Inserting your Simple Podcast Press player
    • Previewing / Scheduling / Publishing the episode

For help with publishing your first podcast episode, head to the support section of your website administration area.

Next steps: Publish your own first episode by navigating to your website administration area, followed by hovering over “Podcasting” and then clicking on “Create Episode”.

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