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Another Drag & Drop Sidebar

This page also uses drag & drop widgets that you can customize directly from the "Design this page" area at the top of each page on your site.

The cool thing about this kind of widget is that you don't need to go through Dashboard > Design > Widgets to edit it.

Using the Page Builder to add this kind of widget also means that you can have different widgets on different pages, so that you can create as many unique page layouts as you like!

Notice how the layout on this page uses a left hand sidebar, instead of a right hand sidebar.

A Sample "About The Show" Page


Note: this page is built using Builder. See the "Design this page" link at the top? You can use it to start designing your pages using the simple drag & drop editor. Shazam!

Welcome to Podcast Websites, the all-in-one website service just for podcasters. In this text post, Mark from Podcast Websites discusses “pages” on your podcast website.

Pages are slightly different to podcast episodes and blog posts / articles in that they are typically “static” - there to serve a single purpose per page. Pages are also usually the type of content that you see in the navigation / menu bar of your website.

Podcasters use pages on their websites for a variety of reasons:

  • To create “About” or “Start Here” pages
  • To create pages for opt-in magnets / data capture lead pages
  • To advertise services / products
  • “Contact” or “Get in Touch” pages
  • “Recommended Resources” pages

Pages aren’t displayed in a chronological order and can be ordered within a navigation / menu to suit your preference or website objective.

To create your first page:

  • Navigate to your website dashboard
  • Head to "Pages"
  • Click on “Add New”

Alternatively, you can simply "edit" this pre-set "About The Show" page to suit your needs.

You’ll notice that pages are very similar to blog posts / articles and podcast episodes in their editing layout.

Next steps: Publish your own first page by editing this page or creating a new one.